About Us

關於我們 SHIH FA was founded in Taiwan in the year 1974. Over the years, SHIH FA has gained a strong reputation for producing high quality products. As the demand for tires grew, so did SHIH FA.  In 1992, SHIH FA RUBBER INDUSTRIES VIETNAM was established in Vietnam under the name: SHIH FA RUBBER INDUSTRIES VIETNAM.

We currently focus on production and sales of tires and inner tubes for all types of motorcycle, lawn and garden tires, and light industrial tires. Our products are exported worldwide to Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Our Vision

To be our valued customers’ FIRST CHOICE !

Our Objectives

• SAFETY- To provide the best road holding in wet or dry conditions.

• DURABILITY - To deliver maximum output during its life span.

• PERFORMANCE - To match the correct tire choice with your needs.

Research and Engineering

SHIH FA has a well-established laboratory which is managed by a group of experienced Engineers and Researchers. Our Research and Development Department is facilitated with the state-of-the-art testing equipment. We ensure new products are thoroughly tested for a considerable period of time before they are allowed to be marketed. These new tires and tubes are tested to different standards, as required by certain customers meeting their countries’ standards and requirements.

Contract Management

We cater to new models of tires according to customer’s requirements. New models can be produced within 45 days.

Quality Management

SHIH FA has achieved the following certificates:

ISO 9001

E Mark Certificate from Economic Comission for Europe (ECE)

JIS K 6366: 1998

JIS K 6367: 1995

主頁 關於我們 SHIH FA được thành lập tại Đài Loan vào năm 1974. Với mục tiêu chất lượng sản phẩm cao, vượt trội và liên tục được duy trì, SHIH FA đã đạt được một vị thế, tiếng tăm vững mạnh trong suốt những năm qua trong lĩnh vực sản xuất các sản phẩm săm lốp xe. Nhằm đáp ứng nhu cầu ngày càng tăng cao của thị trường săm lốp xe, năm 1992, SHIH FA đã được mở rộng sang Việt Nam với tên là SHIH FA RUBBER INDUSTRIES VIỆT NAM.